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 Our  mission  guide towards success

Towards our clients

  • Take a genuine interest in our clients cases no matter how small or big these cases are,

  • Understand in depth their objectives before acting,

  • Provide superior legal services on  a timely, effective, and efficient basis

  • Provide quality services at a reasonable cost,

  • Maintain the highest standards of professional integrity,

  • Meet and –when ever we can- exceed our clients’ expectations,

  • Build lasting relationships with them

 Towards our firm

  • To help employees and associates, flourish in an enjoyable working environment,

  • Keep an open, trusting communication path, bottom to top and vice versa

  • Encourage and reward hard work, mutual respect, innovation, teamwork, and loyalty.

Towards society

  • Demonstrate our commitment to sustainability,

  • Actively participate and integrate sustainable business practices

  • Reduce our costs and our footprint on the planet,

  • Make a positive impact with the same vigour that characterizes our practice of law.

  • Provide pro bono  services for welfare organizations and low-income individuals that have no access to the Greek legal system.


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