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About us

Over the past years we have worked with some of the most challenging law cases in Greece and abroad. Our culture of integrity and our commitment to treat with equality our clients, no matter how big or small their cases are, helped us built strong relationships with them over the years. Learn more about us by clicking below:
Our history

Starting from year 2002 we developed by constantly investing in new and original ways of thinking to the most complex legal challenges our clients faced  Learn more...

Our mission

Towards our clients:

  • Take a genuine interest in their cases no matter how small or big these cases are,

  • Understand in depth their objectives before acting,

  • Provide superior legal services Learn more

Our senior team

Leading by example, ours senior team invested on talent, hard work and on building a network of trust. Restless and overactive, each one stands as an expert in his field. Learn why. Learn more

Our trusted network

We acknowledge to our experienced, trusted network of associates, business consultants, tax experts and accountants, that we owe a great deal of our success. Check who they are Learn more...


Check a  list of our services.  Saperated in 3 categories it might help you spot the appropriate section that feets to your needs. This could save you time and frustration. Don't hesitate to call us for any extra inquiries Learn more

Location & coverage

Our legal services by now, expand over 5 countries and the 20 largest cities in Greece. Please note that the latter in most cases is mainly for Hotel legal issues, Hospitality law, Corporate and Real Estate issues.  Learn more


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