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Pro bono & CSR legal assistance


Girls Orphanage

We stronly believe we should give back to society some of the benefits that society gives to us. We always try to pay our share, by providing pro bono free of charge legal advice and support to those who need it most. Social Welfare Organization Melissa is one of those. A home to provide safety and love for abused children deprived of this care from a very tender age. Their smiling faces, is the best reward for us.

Innovative Technologies


All members of the Community, including us, share with passion the belief that  Bitcoin (and its technology), is the second greatest discovery of mankind, after the internet. Bitcoin innovations are still in infant stage of development and  in the future it is predicted to bring vast changes in important aspects of our everyday life (such as global digital passport, direct digital election without representatives etc.). In Greece Bitcoin Community has 3.000 members and friends and the number is constantly growing.

 Melissa  Organization

 Bitcoin Community GR

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