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Koula Giannakidou

Former General Secretary of Sports, Greece

Dealing with countless legal issues with out being a lawyer your self, is something that I wouldn't wish even to my enemies. Daphne’s professional guidance and help, was a bright light of hope in the dark world of Public affairs.

Theofano Papazisi

President of Mellisa Orphanage Foundation, former Professor of Law, Greece

As a president of the Welfare Organization Melissa Orphanage I'm very happy to have a supporting collaborator like Dafni Batsara. Melissa does since it foundation voluntarily by helping abused children or young girls to find shelter and love. I feel obliged to thank Batsara & Associates Law Office for standing beside us and assist us whenever necessary with their professional free of charge services. If everyone has to pay his dept to society, Melissa realizes it, also by the assistance of Dafni Batsara.


Miriam Liapi

Entrepreneur, Greece

Great to know that you have a trusted law firm, to whom you can run for any legal advice, any time of the day. Especially in a turbulence business environment like the one we are experiencing today, I must admit your guidance was precious.

Professor of Law, University of Nis, Serbia


I always admired your professionalism and deep sense of duty and commitment to your clients. Endless hours of work and frustration can be forgotten when you win a case.

Yordan Dzhermanski

Vipera Contructions, Bulgaria

Doing business in Greece for the past 10 years, allows me to say that it is not a friendly environment for entrepreneurs like me. At least not yet. With Batsara & Associates on our side, we overcame countless unexpected difficulties and managed to flourish our business. For me, that is the essence of a good law firm and I thank them for that.

Cristian Group of Companies, Romania

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Josef Laggner

Laggner Group, Germany

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